Get the Answers You Need: Fast and Comprehensive Diagnostics On-Site

At HealthCareClinics, we understand the importance of getting a quick and accurate diagnosis. That’s why we offer a wide range of advanced diagnostic services right here in our facility, eliminating the need for separate appointments and referrals. Our CLIA & COLA certified level II laboratory allows us to deliver most test results during your visit, saving you valuable time and anxiety. Here’s what we offer:

  • Imaging: Our advanced technology includes computerized digital X-rays, DEXA scans for bone density, and ultrasounds for a clear picture of your internal health.
  • Functional Testing: We offer testing for lung function, heart health (EKG & cardiac impedance testing), and brain activity (EEG) to aid in comprehensive diagnoses.
  • Specialized Testing: We can perform screenings for overall health (biometric screenings & asthma), Immigration & Naturalization Physicals, and pre-surgical screenings to ensure you’re ready for your procedure. Additionally, we provide specialized services like Cranial Sacral Manipulation for certain needs.

With our on-site diagnostics and expert team, you’ll get the answers you need to move forward with confidence.

Diagnostic Services at HealthCareClinics

Fill Your Prescriptions with Ease at Acorn Pharmacy (on site)

For added convenience, HealthCareClinics partners with Acorn Pharmacy, located right here within our facility. This independent pharmacy allows you to fill your prescriptions quickly and easily upon discharge, saving you a trip to a separate pharmacy. Plus, you can request REFILLS conveniently through our PATIENT PORTAL, eliminating the need to call or come in person.

Pharmacy Hours

Mon – Sat:  8:30am – 10pm
Sunday:  9am – 7pm

Contact Information

Tel: (214) 887-0744
Fax: (214) 887-0746